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When was the last time you cleaned those air vents? If not, perhaps in the past, air ducts could be dirty.

Over time dust, dirt and other allergens from outside are able to get into your home through doors and windows. Particularly near the City of Las Vegas, air ducts need to be cleaned, and maintenance must be carried out every year.

When your HVAC system begins to function, it pushes dust particles into the air ducts, where dust particles remain.

Every home is filled with dust, pollen and other air pollutions when people move into and leave the premises. It's true that houses with central heating systems generate about forty pounds of dirt each year.


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Commercial Cleaning of Air Ducts

EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) states the indoor environment has been found to be a source of greater than 70 percent of pollutants from outdoor air.

If you do not do a good job of keeping up with regular cleaning, your home is likely to be filled with dust, sand and other particles that if left untreated, could turn damp, creating a perfect location for the growth of mold.

According to The US Department of Energy, 25-40% of the energy that is used for the heating or cooling process is lost due to pollution from the air along with other dust and dirt that block the air ducts. When you work with the experts at Continental Carpet Cleaning eliminate the pollutants, the HVAC system will run better and will help you reduce heating and cooling costs.


Why should I get My Air Ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning helps:

Reduced the cost of energy for your company
Limits the chance of development of mold.
Enhance the indoor air quality.
Increase the circulation of air and the flow of it
Increase the efficiency of your business system
Increase HVAC equipment's life span

We at Continental Carpet Cleaning, we utilize the latest equipment to load our trucks and train our employees to find all pollutants in the air quickly and safely.

We can ensure that your family members and yourself in good health and safe throughout the day. We can assist with the cleaning of air ducts of yours.


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