How do professionals clean dryer vents?

Dryers that are clean perform much better than dirty dryers and your clothes will dry quicker. If you need to wait several loads to completely get your laundry dry, then your dryer vents may be beginning to become blocked. If you clear them the clothes will dry in one load.

The dryer's lifespan will be longer If you keep it clean. The dirtier it gets and the more difficult it is to perform its task. This can cause it to fail or require maintenance earlier than it needs to.

A dryer that is working hard can cause your energy bill to increase. You're paying more on your energy bill when you have a dryer that is dirty.

What is the reason?

Because a dryer that's dirty is working harder, it uses away more of the energy. Cleaning your vents could increase your energy bill down.

The primary benefit of a well-maintained dryer is safety for your family. There's no reason to delay the task of cleaning your vents only to result in the risk of fire.

Regular maintenance will ensure your dryer is doing what is expected of it and keeps your family members safe.


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How often should dryer vents be cleaned?

A dryer is among the things we tend to overlook until it fails (usually when you've got huge loads of wet towels that need to be dried quickly!) A little regular maintenance will help in maintaining your dryer and increasing its lifespan. If your dryer is blocked and causing it to work harder, it will force the dryer to perform more work, leading it to wear faster.

Furthermore, you must clean your dryer's vent to ensure your safety and your family's safety. Dryers release and build up dangerously inflammable particles of lint. Failure to regularly remove the lint from the system is the main reason for dryer fires.


Is dryer vent cleaning worth it?

Experts suggest that you clean the dryer's ducts at least twice per each year. Making the effort by yourself may sound like a daunting idea, however there are methods to do it effortlessly inexpensively and quickly.
To ensure that those filthy lint particles don't interfere with the drying process in the future Be sure to clean out the lint trap filters on the outside of your dryer's door and get rid of the lint before each cycle. Also, you should clean the screen of lint regularly according to how often you dry your clothes. Additionally, it's recommended to clean and dust the dryer.


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