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Are you searching for a reliable area rug restoration and cleaning company located in New Jersey? Carpet Cleaners of NJ specialize in the restoration and cleaning of all kinds of areas and oriental rugs. We have more than twenty-five years of experience within the field of rug cleaning and we're committed to offering our clients the finest quality service that is possible. Our modern facility is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. Our experienced team of experts will be working hard to bring your rug back to its original splendor.

We also offer various services, such as cleaning pet spots, colour correction repair and getting your rug dyed again. If you're looking for the most effective cleaning for your rug then look no further than Carpet Cleaners of NJ. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!


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Home Cleaning Treatments For Oriental Carpets

Make sure there is no dust or dirt

The carpet will turn around in one direction. Cover the backing with your hands and search for dirt and dust in tiny pieces. If you can see it, it's time to wash your carpet. The hands should be massaged through the wooly fibres for within a couple of minutes. If your hands become soiled and soiled, it's time for you to wash your carpet. Sort the pile apart and look at the foundation of your fiber. If you spot dirt you need to scrub your carpet.

Prepare for the Rug Bath

Clean the carpet thoroughly. The amount of cleaning you do using the equipment, when feasible to avoid damaging the carpet. Make sure you vacuum towards the center of the pile and not against the pile. Then turn the carpet over to take care to clean the back of your carpet thoroughly . Don't vacuum the fringe as it could be removed from the carpet's base , even the fringe is an unwoven part. Use warm water to remove any stain that remains.


Oriental Carpets Cleaner

Dry completely

A carpet that is placed above the railings or by a clothesline can reduce morning fog and the accumulation of dew if you want to keep the carpet dry for more than a day. Wet wool does not smell nice.

The Final Touch

When the carpet appears dried, massage the carpet by using your hands until they're in an upward direction. Make use of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the sides and the floor of the carpet. After you've cleaned the carpeting pad and the flooring beneath and the floor beneath, you can take the carpet you've cleaned back to the place in the home.


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